Why PTO – Marcee Binder

theta-epsilon“I joined Phi Tau Omega because Jenifer McDonald asked me too and I considered her my friend. At first I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into but as I got to know some of the ladies, I felt a place of belonging. These ladies really care about each other and want the very best for their fellow sisters. The amount of giving that Phi Tau does is also remarkable.

Ladies should join because it’s fun and people care. Meeting night was a perfect example of the sisterhood I have discovered. I had a bad day and I spent a large part of it in tears. I came to the meeting and two Theta Epsilon sisters sat laughing with me at my woes. Without knowing it, they helped me make a significant decision and I would not have done it without their care. This is an amazing organization filled with an extraordinary amount of love and laughter!!!!!”

~Marcee Binder
Theta Epsilon Chapter, Girard, Kansas