Why PTO – Ginny Baker, Kappa Chi

Kappa Chi Chapter

I would like to share why I joined Phi Tau Omega Sorority.  I guess I will begin in the late 60’s when I moved to Des Moines from a small town in north central Iowa. I went to work for a huge insurance company in Des Moines. I met a few co-workers and became friends, but the friendship moved on when they got married.  Marriage wasn’t in my cards, so many roommates later, I moved into an apartment complex in Altoona, Iowa, a suburb of Des Moines.  There was a lot of “community” in that apartment building. Everyone had their doors open and we got together in the evenings to share our day and we pooled our food. We developed a very strong friendship within our building, plus we had to know everything that was going on with each other. One day a small package was sitting in front of the door of my next door neighbor, Rosemary.  Having never received a small package myself, I was jealous and curious to know what was in that small package.  When Rosemary came home I learned it was Ramblings…a quarterly publication of the philanthropic and social sorority she belonged to. My curiosity continued….

I was at a time in my life when I wasn’t making the right decisions. I felt a void and I was searching for something that would make ME feel important and at the same time search for a way to serve others.  My neighbor sensed I might be a good fit for her sorority and she went on to rush me and I became a member of the Kappa Chi Chapter in December 1971. This year I will celebrate my 45th year with the sorority.  Joining Phi Tau Omega was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. It has given me a circle of friends that I will cherish forever and it gave me the confidence to be a vital part of my community, my church and my family. I might mention at the 1986 National Convention in Chicago, my neighbor, Rosemary, escorted me to be installed as National President of our Sorority and today I serve as National Parliamentarian. My intent is not to boast about the person I have become or the accomplishments I have achieved, but to share with others what an influence this wonderful organization has had on my life.

Why did I join Phi Tau Omega Sorority?? Today I can tell you why… it made me a better person and I met the best friends I could ever have, including my husband, Perry – we will celebrate 35 years of marriage next March.  I love Phi Tau Omega, it changed my life forever. They always say good things come in small packages.

Ginny Baker, Kappa Chi
Past National President
National Parlimentarian