Member Spotlight – Terri Walker, Tau Epsilon

Why and When did you join PTO?
My daughter, Jill Blankenship and I, were asked to go to a meet & greet by Kathy Burton and Abbey Burton Davis in November of 2013. We loved the whole idea of being able to give back to the community as a group. I have always wanted to do more for my community, but often did not have the way or the means as an individual. We loved the fellowship that we felt at the meet & greet among the other members of Tau Epsilon and their acceptance of us. The Tau Epsilons are a wonderful group of women. We talked about it and decided that this was a commitment that we wanted to make. We were rushed and pinned by April, 2014 and attended our first convention in St. Louis of that year.

Why should others join?
Going to the first convention really put everything into perspective for Jill and me. I love the comradery of the group as a whole, the philanthropic that we do, and just the whole feeling of being a part of something that can change a person’s life. Each year we get to know the other chapter members a little better and meet new people. Anyone who is needing the sense of fellowship, friendship and wanting to do more for others should definitely consider joining.