Member Spotlight – Mary Woods, Omega Nu

I did not know PTO existed until I joined a local Professional Business Women & Networking group. That’s where I met Eileen Burns. A few months later, Eileen came to work at the same company I was employed.
We became friends.

It was after that she invited me to meet her group of philanthropic-minded ladies. I don’t remember the specifics of the social gathering, only that I immediately liked her group of wonderful & enjoyable women!

A while later, Eileen asked if I would like to join the chapter. I understood this group was caring, community minded, giving, enjoyed what they were doing and had loads of fun working together for a greater good. How could I not want to join?!

I had no idea of the importance of what I had said yes to.
Pledgeship began…
Business Meetings consisted of being in another area cutting & counting hundreds of stamps & soup labels or working on anything else needed to accomplish a project.
Slightly embarrassing, but loads of fun were the times requiring me to:
1) dress as a bag lady (including mismatched socks & patterns) & going to dinner at a well-known local restaurant.
2) make a sorority pillow & paddle for ‘show & tell’ at a pajama party at Roberta Forret’s home. I was asked (spur of the moment) to entertain the ladies. So I broke into “Let Me Entertain You” song & dance.
3) walk the entire mall wearing balloons w/a ‘sandwhich’ sign (I had to make)
“Working my way into Omega Nu” all while visiting (prearranged) stores for scavenger hunt items. The store personnel had fun helping me on my journey.
I still smile remembering those duties.

That same feeling of acceptance & pride of something bigger than myself is as fresh as if it was that very moment when I became a Phi Tau.

Omega Nu chapter began 28 years ago April 15, 1989.
I became a member 27 years ago in March 1990.
Tulsa will be my 25th Convention. Missed 2-one was our daughter’s wedding & the second was due to my helping care for my father (health).
• Omega Nu has hosted 10 Convention parties.
• National Officer 2001-02.
• Honored with Nominations for both National Officer & Member of the Year
• Chapter offices held (24 times):
• President 3 times
• Vice-President 3 times
• Recording Secretary 6 times
• Associate Scribe 1 time
• Sgt@Arms 2 times
• Historian 9 times

The initial draw to Phi Tau were the good ladies that were having loads fun! “Girls Just Wanna Fun” resonates!

The Omega Nu & Phi Tau Omega staying power is an ability to help individuals, sharing of myself with people in need, finding organizations that also educate us & we can support in various ways through events, fundraisers, hands-on volunteering or monetarily. Our members have LOTS of fun while helping.
“Busy Hands Are Happy Hands” comes to mind!

One of the greatest gifts of this sorority is the support group! My Omega Nu sisters have supported me through these 27 years. “Priceless” is the listening, caring sister(s) is (are) a phone call, text, email, Business Meeting, Social, movie, lunch or dessert date away! No matter if they are across the street or miles apart, we stay connected.
“You’ve Got A Friend” is so true!